2012 CCLVI Board Meeting Minutes August 2

Minutes for CCLVI Board Call 8/2/12


Roll call was taken. Those present were Jim Jirak, Lucinda Talkington, Donna Pomerantz, Lindsey Tilden, Mike Godino, Richard Rueda, Grady Ebert, Allen Casey, Michael Byington, Leslie Spoone, and Fred Scheigert. Bianca Knight, Brian Petraits, Reba Landry, and Dan Smith were not present.


Richard thanked the board for their work the last few years and is looking forward to continuing to support the board as past president.


Minutes from the 2012 Convention Membership Meeting were read and accepted with the friendly amendment that future minutes will include reports such as treasurer’s report at the end of the document.


The 2011 business meeting minutes still need approval. It was suggested to ask Cathy Schmidt Whitaker for the file from her Victor Stream.


Lindsey will talk to Kathy Casey about getting the file.


Treasurer’s Report:

Checking: $37,099.14
Savings:   $5.00


5 year: $12,081.04
4 year: $12,076.44
3 year: $12,074.13
2 year: $12,60.29
1 year: $12,032.53

The five year is growing twice as fast as the one year.

Total Assets: $97,428.57

Mike has not received the Scheigert distribution for last year and will follow up with Fred.

Mike does not have the figures from convention yet

Donna requested a convention expenses breakdown. Mike will send this to the board via checking log.

The treasurer’s report was accepted




Jim is working on putting together committees.


Web Committee: Annette has agreed to chair the committee. Others on committee are Richard, Reba, and Donna. Richard will continue the Twitter account. Reba will take over the Facebook page.


Membership: Kathy offered to forward names of potential members from the 800 number.


Scholarship: Mike Gravitt will chair.
Scheigert committee members are Fred Scheigert, Lindsey Tilden, John McMahon, Leslie Spoone, Allen Casey, and Reba Landry. (Note: Reba Landry will be asked her desire to be on the committee upon returning from guide dog school at the end of the month)


Genensky Video Magnifier committee members are Cathy Schmidt Whitaker, Bill Takashita, Tom Lealos, and Isolde Keilhofer.


The Carl Foaley scholarship is currently dormant. There is about $14,000 in the account for this scholarship.


Convention: Kathy Casey will chair the committee. Richard will be on the committee.


Vision Access Editor: Mike Keithley will be editor. Mike is not currently a CCLVI member, but will join.
The formats for Vision Access are large Print, print, CD, email, and cassette.


Jim is still working on filling the legislative, credentials, and resolutions committees.

Michael Byington will serve on the legislative and resolutions committees. Lucinda will serve on the credentials committee.


Jim is working on updating the officers and board members on the website.

A motion was made to confirm and accept the committee appointments. Motion carried.


Frequency of Board Meetings

After discussion, it was agreed upon that board meetings will be held quarterly. Meetings to be in November, February, May, and August. The convention meeting will not be included as a quarterly meeting.

The next meeting will be held sometime in November. Date and time to be determined on the email list.


Approval of 2013 Scholarship Funds

The board approved the following funds for the scholarship committee:

a. Three $3,000 Scheigert scholarships: one for a graduate student, one for an undergraduate, and one for an entering freshman
b. Expenses for each of these three winners to attend convention in Columbus in 2013
c. $96.00 for expenses for a P.O. box in Pittsburgh, PA for one year
d. $225 for copying and mailing of scholarship applications
e. Up to $600 for 60 hours for someone to assist Mike in the copying, collating, and mailing process (60 hours x $10/hour)


Future of CCLVI

Jim wants to bring in younger individuals to CCLVI. His vision is that it be a "senior division" of ACB students.


Jim would also like to focus more technology: for example, paying dues online. Donna recommended collaborating with state affiliate presidents to make it a successful endeavor.


Jim will research the cost and benefits of switching from the 800 number to Google Voice and report back.


Jim would like to move the list from Google Groups to Mailman.



Kathy brought up the need for fundraising. Jim requested ideas for fundraising.


We need to get the copy of "Going Blind" back from Lisa. Jim will call her for it.


Next year’s convention will be Friday, July 5 to Friday, July 12.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:20 PST.