CCLVI Board Call 11/5/13

CCLVI Board Call 11/5/13


The roll was called. Those present were Jim Jirak, Dan Smith, Donna Pomerantz, Lindsey Tilden, Richard Rueda, Grady Ebert, Bianca Knight, Allen Casey, Charlie Glaser, Kathy Farina, Annette Carter, and Mike Keithley. Not present were Mike Godino, Michael Byington, Melody Banks, and Fred Scheigert.


Also present were Bill Takeshita, Mike Gravitt, Tom Lealos, Bernice Kandarian, and Cathy Schmidt Whitaker.


Approval of Minutes
The minutes were sent out one week prior to the meeting. Corrections were made to the eCommunications report. Minutes were approved as corrected. 


Public Comment
Tom Lealos expressed a concern. He sent $240 to Mike Godino on 10/5/13 and as of yet has not received confirmation of receipt. Mike confirmed on finance committee meeting that he has checks to deposit. Kathy Farina will be put on the CCLVI accounts this weekend. 


Treasurer’s Report

Opening Balance $133,821
Closing Balance: $134,431 


Revenue and expenses:

Checking $45677
Increase $671 dues, donations, interest, book 
Decrease $156 operations


Program Fund $27,218
Increase no change I have not received the statement 


CDs $61,455
Increase $82.29 interest 


Savings $5.00
No change 


The above reflects an increase of $597 for the month.


Treasurer’s report was accepted.


Committee Reports


Membership – Kathy Farina
Kathy has been working on entering data into national database. She has received lists from CCCLV and FCCLV, but not from DVCCLV, NCCLV, or MCCLV. Kathy had difficulty reading list from Florida. About 15 Vision Access’s have been returned as "undeliverable". Kathy is working on checking into those. She talked to printer, and they are using a list they have had for a long time. Also, some of the labels cut off city state. 


Kathy added a field on the database for CCLVI Life Member and Vision Access format. Those fields did not show up when exported to excel. Kathy has called Sharon to inquire why Jim will follow up that Kathy is on the tech support list serve for the national database.  Kathy would like information received by Jan 31 so she can have everything entered by March 15.  Kathy asked about organizations who receive the publication. Some organizations say they will take the publication if it is free, but not at cost.. CCLVI does not send Vision Accesses to non dues payers.  Jim will follow up in the next week with the chapter presidents who have not responded.  Kathy clarified the purpose of the national database as a means of maintaining who is a member up to date with dues.


Scholarship – Mike Gravitt and Cathy Schmidt Whitaker

Scheigert: The committee is going to a paperless format, where documents are uploaded or emailed. People will submit unofficial transcript initially. To be awarded scholarship the winners will have to submit an official transcript. This would save the applicant money. The committee is also looking into changing the eye report requirement to only requiring some verification of low vision. Then, the winners would submit the current eye report form. This may also save them money. The Genensky committee is also looking into changing their eye report requirement.  These changes may increase the number of applications. It is also easier on the committees to not receive handwritten material. Submitting documents electronically is a current trend in education and scholarships.  It was discussed that winners would be required to submit the official documents within 30 days of notification.


A motion was made to accept the report as stated. Motion passed, one opposed.


The Genensky committee had a September deadline and selected recipients in October.. They held phone interviews with the applicants with the vendors present. Five vendors, participated this year: Freedom Scientific, HIMS, Humanware, Enhanced Vision, and Optelec. Eight individuals were awarded with devices. 


Mike no longer needs the P.O. Box. He will be closing it this month. Documents from winners will be sent directly to Mike.


Currently winners are required to attend the ACBS scholarship dinner and the ACB banquet. Mike would like to also require attendance at the ACBS/RSVA luncheon. Winners would pay for the luncheon and be reimbursed. A motion was made to approve this requirement. Motion passed.


A question raised about funding for scholarship expenses. It is funded separately from CCLVI’s budget.


A motion was made to approve funding from the Scheigert fund for winners to attend the convention for 8 days, 7 nights in order to encourage organization participation. Motion passed. 


eCommunications - Annette
Annette is working on lots of improvements. Kathy Farian and Annette worked together on updating the membership form for Members at Large. WChapter contact information will be included so they can be contacted directly. The hope to have chapter applications available in the future. 


The scholarship site is in Drupal. It will be tested before it goes live. There will be a function to upload unofficial transcripts and eye reports. When the rest of the website is in Drupal, it will have the interactive form.


Annette is also working with Mike Keithley to get Vision Access up on the site.



Budget Proposal – Charlie Glaser Budget




MMS Program






Life Membership


Pay pal






Intrest CDs