CCLVI Board Meeting 5/13/2013


CCLVI Board Meeting 5/13/2013


Roll was called. Those present were Jim Jirak Donna Pomerantz Lindsey Tilden Mike Godino Richard Rueda Leslie Spoone Brian Petraits Grady Ebert Bianca Knight Dan Smith Allen Casey Fred Scheigert Annette Carter Mike Keithley. Not present was Michael Byington.


Bernice Kandarian, Kathy Casey, Mike Gravitt, Jane Kardas, and Ken Stewart were also present.


A motion was made to approve minutes as sent. Motion approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Checking: $31,250.84

CDs (5 total): $60,968.74

Program Fund: $25,361.56

Savings: $5.00

Total Assets: $117,586.14

A motion was made to accept treasurer’s report. Motion approved


A question was raised about the Program Fund name. This will be address at the convention business meeting.


Announcement – Delegate and Nominating Committee Delegate
Jim recommended Richard as delegate to the nominating committee and Lindsey as the CCLVI delegate. A motion was made to support recommendation to have Lindsey Tilden as CCLVI delegate and Richard Rueda as nominating committee representative. Motion approved


Committee Reports


Convention-Kathy Casey
The convention scheduled is currently as follows:

Friday, July 5
3:00 Board/Organizational Meeting
5:00 Nominating Committee


Saturday, July 6
9:00 Introductions by Jim and scholarship recipients presentations
10:30 Board of Publication present on the ACB website. The BOP would like feedback from us as to the large print/visuals from the ACB website. Bring laptops, iPads, iPods, etc. The room will be set up to have wifi so Annette can set up to show things for the website.
4:00 CCLVI Mixer – we will have pizza and order a veggie tray from the hotel


Sunday, July 7
1:15 Panel for international speakers to discuss issues they are dealing with with low vision
3:45 Change from leadership discussion to something else
7:00 Game Night - "Oral Hijinx" with Ken Stewart. It will be a competition by table with trivia. Ken needs help getting prizes. Food will possibly be finger sandwiches as opposed to candy and gum like in previous years.


Monday, July 8
1:15 Board meeting


Tuesday, July 9
1:15 Toastmaster’s meeting. There will be two speeches and a table topics (1 minute to answer a question
2:45 Movie "Going Blind". Also looking to put together a panel after the movie (Lisa still the last one known to have had CCLVI’s copy. Lisa never returned Jim’s phone call.)


Annette wonders about using "Team Talk" (a voice chatroom type program) to allow people from home to participate in the 10:30 Saturday discussion. Concerns would be needing tech support and the program potentially costing money. We should start by surveying members on the list serves who will be attending the convention and see from there if we want to consider this.


Leslie suggested having a team from CCLVI for the ACB walk. 7:00-9:00 at Gadell Park. Everyone will be back by 9:00. Anyone interested should talk to Jim who will let Leslie know.


Leslie wants to know if CCLVI would like to give the book as an auction item, or perhaps a gift card as in previous years. A motion was made to donate a $50 gift card. The motion was amended to be two $25 gift cards. Motion approved.


Membership-Jeff Harris
Jeff submitted his report by email.


"The committee met in March to go over the status of the certification process.


One affiliate was late with their list. Process was long and tedious since records were inputted into the new database.


The final list was submitted in early April but count of 277 members was not certified until late April because the database counter was not working at the national office. Committee plans to meet this week to go over additional data entry tasks and recruitment efforts for the 2013 Conference and Convention"


Lindsey raised a question about the membership application being online. Donna said several years ago people wanted individuals to join through their states. Lindsey will send the contact info for interested scholarship applicants to Jim Could give state affiliate their information as well.


Scholarship-Mike Gravitt
The committee had 27 applications in total. Mike has been in touch with 2/3 winners. The freshman winner is Connor Boss from NC. He and one of his parents will attend the entire week. The undergraduate winner is Nikki Jackson from Illinois. She and her mother will attend the entire week. Bianca Knight was informed on that call that she is the graduate winner. She will be attending the convention. Mike will introduce the CCLVI winners in the general session with the ACB winners on Monday.


A discussion was held of whether to put the winners into Vision Access or on the website. It was decided to put something up on the website after convention and something in Vision Access in the fall.


Website-Annette Carter
The committee went down to 6 meetings/year rather than monthly. Mike Keithley sent audio files for Vision Access. The current issue files are up. Everything is up back to 2009


Some back issues are missing. If anyone has Summer 2010, please let Jim know.


Publication-Mike Keithley
The committee had a conference call. There were a couple minor formatting issues, but they are doing well with the large print guidelines. Mike is always looking for articles.


Mike Vogl resigned from the committee. The committee is in need of a new member and are looking for names. Send a message to Jim if you know anyone interested.


Bernice reports that the print in the large print issue appears smaller. Mike reports that he is using 18 pt font. Mike will ask Megan at the printing company to send one large print copy to Annette to proof. The problem may be going between a PC and a Mac


Travel Reimbursement
Concerns were raised with booking 30 days prior to travel, with people traveling to convention not being covered, and with the specificity of "most expedient transportation". Donna feels the policy is too restrictive and specific. A motion was made to form a committee to look over the policy. Richard and Leslie volunteered to help. Motion approved


Update on Prescription Working Group
The working group last met on 4/22. There are currently no future calls scheduled. The last draft produced was sent out and feedback is being given. Annette thanked everyone for participating on the public participation portion.


Board of Publication Update-Donna and Lindsey
Nothing until after convention


Insights to Low Vision Update
The book is at press. One draft was emailed out to Annette for feedback. Mike has not yet received an invoice. Jim will print raffle tickets. $10/ticket for the donated CCTV


We need to determine where to house copies of the books and who will be the distributor. There are a number of other logistical things to decide as a board, including having the book in the ACB Store. We will discuss this in July.


A motion was made to create a task force to handle the logistics of the book to include Jim, Richard, Annette, and Kathy. Motion approved


Market Place
We have spots at Market Place on Saturday from 5:30-7:00 and Sunday morning from 7:30-8:30 Richard and Donna will take the Saturday evening spot. Lindsey and Jim will take the Sunday morning spot.


Lisa doesn’t think she has "Going Blind" and will look for it.


Jim will tweak responsibility of public comment and board quorum. Jim will send out notes from Annette.


Next Meeting
July 5 in Columbus, OH


Public Comment
Bernice: Verified that changes to the constitution will be posted to the board list and leadership list.


Ken: Asked for repetition of membership numbers total 277


Adjourned 7:17 PDT