CCLVI Board Meeting 8/19/13

CCLVI Board Meeting 8/19/13


The roll was called. Those present were Jim Jirak, Dan Smith, Donna Pomerantz, Lindsey Tilden, Mike Rodino, Richard Rueda, Michael Byington, Leslie Spoone, Grady Ebert, Bianca Knight, Allen Casey, Melody Banks, Charlie Glaser, Kathy Farina, and Annette Carter. Not present were Fred Scheigert and Mike Keithley.



The May minutes were sent out to the board one week prior to the meeting. A motion was made to accept the minutes. Motion passed.


Treasurer's Report

CCLVI August Treasurer’s report

Opening Balance $138,333
Closing Balance: $138,875


Revenue and expenses:

Checking $51,442
Increase $505 dues, donations, interest, book
Decrease $1,500 scholarship


Program Fund $27,212
Increase $1,425


CDs $61,211
Increase $81.96 interest


Savings $5.00
No change


The above reflects an increase of $542 for the month.


A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion passed


It was decided by unanimous consent that Kathy Farina will be the second person on the accounts with Mike.


A finance committee has been formed. Mike will serve as chair. On the committee will be Charles Glaser, John Vaughn, and Leslie Spoone. Donna raised a concern about having the treasurer be the chair of the committee for the sake of propriety. A motion was made to ratify the committee as formed by the president. Motion passed.


Committee Reports


Membership - Kathy Farina
The committee met on 8/14/13. Kathy Farina, Melody Banks, Kathy Casey, Mike Godino, Jeff Harris, Bernice Kandarian are on the committee. The first agenda item was to update the membership list. The goal is to have it ready by 3/15/14. Kathy Farina will contact the affiliate presidents to obtain their most current lists.

Kathy has obtained additional lists from other committee members. Jeff Harris is helping Kathy and sent her new members since the last certified list was sent. There was a question about who are Life members. They are working to distinguish this. The second item was recruiting new members. No exciting ideas right now. Third was an online membership application for new members and renewals. Right now they are just concentrating on straightening out the record. Kathy will be receiving training on using the national database.


All VA issues returned will go to Kathy Farina.


A motion was made to roll out globally the ability for to receive affiliate and at large membership dues within 3-6 months time maximum. A motion was made to table the motion until the eCommunications report. Motion to table passed.


A motion was made to accept the membership committee report as read minus the eCommunications motion. Motion passed.


eCommunications - Annette Carter
The website is currently in 3 parts: html with no accessibility, newer html with some accessibility, and drupal which is what the scholarship section is in. The entire website will go into drupal. This will allow for quicker, easier access to VA and audio posts. There will be more accessibility choices such as increasing font size and changing color.. We would be able to receive money for the book and membership through the website. It would be similar to ACB’s website. The user fills out a form with their information. They then receive an email with their information. Copies of the email can be sent to designated individuals such as the treasurer.


The committee suggests using PayPal. There are 3 kinds of PayPal: standard, advanced, and pro.


Standard has no monthly fee and has a 2.9% + $0.30 charge per transaction. Advanced is the same, plus $5/month. Pro goes beyond what we would want. Standard and Advanced have the option of using a credit card without a PayPal account, or using a PayPal account. Both would provide us with a credit card reading device. You can also digitally enter checks. The difference is that the Standard version takes the registrant to the PayPal site to pay, while the Advanced version allows them to stay on


The committee recommends using the PayPal Advanced. Concerns were raised about the practical management of a PayPal account.


A motion was made to direct the eCommunications committee to continue researching PayPal and present at next board meeting. Motion passed.


A motion was made to roll out globally the ability for to receive form submissions related to affiliate and at large membership information within 3-6 months time maximum with input from the board, membership committee, and chapter presidents. Motion passed.


All of the book options will be available. An mp3 download is a possibility...


Links will be posted for the Facebook and Twitter pages.


Donna is stepping down from ACB’s Information Access Committee and it was requested that someone else from CCLVI serve. Dan Smith and Lindsey Tilden were suggested. Donna, Dan, and Lindsey will talk offline.


The eComm committee report was accepted by unanimous consent.


Publications - Mike Keithley
No problems with the summer issue of Vision Access have been reported.


Mike was supposed to have arranged for a run of a single large print issue to be examined by Annette to ensure that the font size was correct. This was not done as Mike wanted to get the magazine into readers' hands before the convention. However, Annette examined the PDF document returned by Megan and didn't find a problem with anything except that the links from the Table of Contents were inactive.


There is a possibility that aspects of the Verdana font on PCs are different on Macs (which are used at National Printing). Thus it is still prudent to get that single large print issue for proofing. Mike will work to get this done during production of the fall issue of Vision Access.


Large print feedback for ACB's BOP - Donna, Lindsey & Annette
We received feedback on the convention program. The BOP has a meeting discussing the program formats. We would like to suggest Annette represent CCLVI on this call. A motion was made to approve Annette as the CCLVI representative. Motion passed.


We would like to put a focus group together to continue discussions on feedback about convention program.


Insights into Low Vision Book Update - Jim Jirak
We started with 12 boxes of books. Each box had 25 books. Jim sent 9 boxes to Kathy Casey following convention and 1 box to Leslie. 60 books were sold at convention.


The video magnifier fundraiser raised $580.


NCCLV Concerns - Jim Jirak
Jim will request a copy of the NCCLV constitution from the NCCLV president.


NIBS Design Document - Barbara Milleville email

Barbara would like two people to help review the document. Dan Smith Michael Byington volunteered.


Next Board Meeting


The next board meeting will be held in November. An online poll will be created to determine the date.


Meeting adjourned 7:18 pm. PDT