CCLVI Business Meeting 7/8/2013

CCLVI Business Meeting 7/8/2013


Roll call was taken. Those board members present were Jim Jirak, Donna Pomerantz, Mike Godino, Lindsey Tilden, Grady Ebert, Dan Smith, Fred Scheigert, Richard Rueda, Allen Casey, Leslie Spoone, and Bianca Knight. Not present were Michael Byington and Brian Petraits.


Treasurer’s Report

The Scheigert fund received a $25,000 disbursement this year. %11,698 was paid to the 2012 scholarship winners. The committee spent $357.26. There is $59,031.61 remaining in the fund.

Foley fund: $16,342.04.
Book fund: $0 (recently paid for publishing)
Program Fund: $26,362
CDs: $61,500.48
Checking: $27,619
Savings: $5.00

Total Assets: $140,086

An increase of $20,000 from last year.


The books will be a good source of income. Good Search was brought up. Dan needs an Employee Identification #. An additional person needs to be on the accounts. This will be addressed at a board meeting.


The treasurer’s report was accepted.



The minutes from the 2012 business meeting were read and approved.


Committee Reports


24 people attended Game Night and 40 attended Passport. Still to come are the "Going Blind" movie and the Toastmaster’s meeting. 40 people are registered for Toastmaster’s.


There have been some issues with mailings and some discrepancies. Jeff will be stepping down as membership chair. We appreciate Jeff’s work as chair over the past year.


Cathy Schmidt Whitaker and Annette Carter are currently working on the Genensky Award. We have 5 CCTVs to award. The deadline is September 13.


Mike made a motion that Fred and Lindsey be reimbursed for attending the ACB Scholarship dinner and that a line item be added in the budget for committee members to attend this type of event in the future. Motion passed.


Changes were made to the board member list. Advertisements were posted about the book, raffle tickets, and the convention programming. We have several mailman groups: board list, leadership list, book list, discussion list, announce list, and president’s only list. CCLVI still has Twitter and Facebook accounts. Katie Fredericks will be taking over the Facebook page.


A question was raised about whether we are able to advertise raffle tickets on the website due to our non-profit status. It was determined that the raffle ticket advertisement should be taken down.


Bernice reported the nominating slate as follows

3 open Board seats

Bianca Knight
Grady Ebert
Melanie Banks
1st Vice President: Dan Smith

Reba Landry’s open seat: Kathy Farina


All nominees were elected by acclamation to their respective positions.


Dan vacated a seat with 2 years unexpired. Ken Stewart and Charlie Glaser were nominated from the floor. The affiliate vote was Charlie: 11 and Ken: 9. Totals Charlie: 26 Ken:12. Charlie won the position.


Constitution and By-laws
The proposed amendments were read.  Definition of Quorum: Approved


eCommunications Committee:
Motion made to approve with the amendment that a Finance Committee be added.


Duties of eCommunications Committee and Publications Committee: Approved with the recommendation that the editor not be the chair of the Publications Committee.


Ken and Kathy inquired about CCLVI’s archives. Richard has a box of tapes and old minutes. Some are legible, some are not. It was suggested that the archives, copies of the book,


and CCLVI’s copy of "Going Blind" be housed where the 800 number is located. It was also suggested that chapter presidents take copies of the book. A motion was made that minutes be kept online with a paper copy as back up. Motion approved.


Transportation Guidelines
A motion was made that expenditures be covered for individuals traveling on behalf of CCLVI’s issues. Another motion was made to refer the travel guidelines to the Finance Committee who will bring the proposal to the board. Motion approved.


Jim announced that he will not be seeking re-election in 2014.
Meeting adjourned at 4:15