CCLVI Pre-Convention Board Meeting 7/5/13

CCLVI Pre-Convention Board Meeting 7/5/13


Roll call was taken. Those present were Jim Jirak, Donna Pomerantz, Mike Godino, Lindsey Tilden, Richard Rueda, Allen Casey, Dan Smith, Bianca Knight, Fred Scheigert, Leslie Spoone, and Michael Byington. Not present were Grady Ebert and Brian Petraits.


Also present were Bernice Kandarian, Mary Ellen Frost, Kathy Casey, Ken Stewart, and Jane Kardas.


Update on "Insights to Low Vision": Richard
A question was raised on a call regarding who should pay for shipping on books to agencies and authors of the book. A motion was made that the purchaser of the book pay the shipping cost, but that CCLVI cover the shipping cost to the book’s authors. Motion passed.


A question was also raised about cost for individuals who want multiple copies of the book. A motion was made that any distribution of the books for sale be sent on a COD for the delivery of the books. Motion passed.


Those present unanimously agreed that pricing of the books should remain as previously outlined:


Non members-$14.95
Current members-$5.00
New members/life members-Free


Marketplace Update
Saturday: Donna and Richard
Sunday: Jim and Lindsey
Will have raffle tickets and books.


Credentials Committee Email
CCLVI was deducted one vote because the dues were received late. We will receive 10 votes instead of 11. A motion was made to accept the loss of 1 vote. Passed with one abstention


Email from Concerned Member
It was suggested in the email that things are not going well in one chapter. Concerns revolve around a lack of democracy. We do not yet have a copy of the chapter’s constitution and bylaws and cannot yet act.


Convention Preview
Kathy reviewed CCLVI’s convention program. Volunteers were found to take tickets at events.


Nominating Slate
There are 3 of the 9 board seats up for re-election.

Grady Ebert: interested in continuing
Bianca Knight: interested in continuing
Brian Petraits: would like to step down for the time being
Melody Banks from Ohio is nominated to take Brian’s seat.
Dan Smith is nominated to fill the 1st vice president vacancy.
Kathy Farina is nominated to fill Reba’s vacant seat.


The report was accepted.


Jim announced that he will not be seeking re-election in 2014 in Las Vegas.


Treasurer’s Report

CCLVI May Treasurer’s report

Opening Balance $117,586.14
Closing Balance: $117586.14

Revenue and expenses:

Checking $28031.57

Increase $265.18 dues, donations, interest, book

Decrease $3919.22 operations

Program Fund $26,361.84

Increase $828.31

CDs $61,050.48

Increase $81.74 interest

Savings $5.00

No change


The above reflects a decrease of $2,137.25 for the month.


Mike is currently the only person on CCLVI’s accounts. More discussion to come at the business meeting.


Mike requested that a finance committee be created.


Public Comment


Credentials information is to be given to Jeff Harris