July 9, 2012 Convention Minutes


Minutes for CCLVi Convention 7/9/12


Roll Call was done.


Minutes of the previous convention were not available due to technical difficulties.


Treasurer’s Report: Richard said we took in $35 or $40 at the mixer the previous day and $50.00 for Game Night. Mike Godino reported that we made about $350 on last year’s convention. Mike read his report and was accepted as read.


Nominating committee report: Bernice Kandarian reported the slate of officers for our election were: President: Jim Jirak, 1st Vice President, Lucinda Tuckington, 2nd Vice President: Donna Pommerantz, Secretary: Tom Lelos, Treasurer: Donna Sanchez. The three board seats were: Michael Byington, Leslie Spoone, Dan Smith, Fred Scheigert. Bernice thanked the nominating committee for their work.


Elections were held a motion was made by Donna Pomerantz to open elections. This was approved. Jim Jirak is president. Lucinda Tuckington. 2nd Vice president: Donna Pommerantz. Secretary: Lindsey Hastings Tilden’s name was put up for nomination. Lindsey won the position. Treasurer: Mike Godino’s name was put up for nomination. Mike Godino won the position of treasurer. All board nominees were elected to their respected positions. We needed to fill Lindsey’s board seat so Tom Lealos and Bianca Knight were chosen for nomination. Bianca won the board seat.


Constitution & Bylaws: Jim Jirak was chair of this committee. Kathy Casey read the proposed constitution & Bylaws. With a few changes, A vote was taken and this document was approved.